Selenium Mini-Conf - Preview Event

We are super excited to present Selenium Conf 2020 in September. It will be the only official Selenium conference anywhere this year and you guessed it right, it'll be a virtual event. The move online means this can be a truly global gathering for Selenium and Test Automation enthusiasts.

Before the main event in September, we're delighted to announce Mini-SeConf (Preview Event) - a free, virtual mini-conference with provocative and engaging sessions to sharpen your test automation skills and cast your eyes to the future of testing. Jason Huggins, the creator of Selenium will be opening this event.

Selenium Mini-Conf includes the following sessions:

  • Are Robots the Future of Testing? Keynote by Jason Huggins (Selenium creator)
  • Prepping your Checklist: Things to Consider Before Implementing Continuous Testing by Sneha Viswalingam
  • Let Us Enter The World Of Full Stack Testing by Christina Thalayasingam
  • Eradicate Flaky Tests by Anand Bagmar
  • Test Automation as a Whole Team Responsibility by Parveen Khan
  • Fireside Chat with Sri Harsha: How I Became A Committer by Manojkumar
  • Build A CI/CD Pipeline In 20 Minutes With Java + WebDriver by Nikolay Advolodkin
  • How to Overcome 5 Common Obstacles to Adopting Open Source Automation by Kevin Dunne
  • State-of-the-art test setups: How do the best of the best test? by Praveen Umanath
  • Driving Your Web Browser Programmatically by Scott Davis

Expand your network with opportunities to mix and mingle with other Selenium experts and enthusiasts from the global community.

When is Selenium Mini-Conf?

Monday, 31 August from 7:00 - 9:30pm IST

Starting 9:30am EST / 3:30pm CEST / 11:30pm AEST

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